Pedal cars, Planes and Automobiles to Abidjan

02 June 2014

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – Anonymous   Read more »

Day 1 - Abidjan to Assinie

04 June 2014

So after months of planning and debating and working out routes with our friends and business partners located in the countries we will traverse and after two and a half days of hectic last minute preparation ably managed by Craig and assisted by Abdoulaye, we were ready to go – or some of us more than others! Grant, your IT skills and extra pair of hands were sorely missed!   Read more »

Day 2 - Assinie to Takarodi

05 June 2014

A Wet and Sticky Day - but a lot of fun!!! After a real seafood braai (with mutton chops for Craig) at the Assinie Villa we were woken up early this morning with thunder and lightning and the rain! And it just kept on raining - we made our way by ferry across the lagoon and then the short trip back to Coucoue Lodge (Thank you very much Pierre-Eric for sponsoring our stay) where we packed the...  Read more »

Day 3 - Takarodi to Accra

06 June 2014

A leisurely start today with a good breakfast at the Planters Lodge and then off through the Takarodi traffic at 8.30am.   Read more »

Day 4 - Accra to Lome

07 June 2014

TIA - This is Africa! Nice start to the day. The team did well to get up and ready to start at 6am with Mark being assisted by Craig after having to rush due to a late wake up! With bills settled and the whole team ready, we headed out through a slow early morning Accra and onto the highway towards the Aflao border post. It was a great drive on a good road interrupted by a couple of police...  Read more »

Day 5 - Lome to Cotonou

08 June 2014

Good finish to a frustrating start!   Read more »

Day 6 - Cotonou to Benin City

09 June 2014

What a day - Nigeria is indeed different!   Read more »

Day 7 - Benin City to Owerri

10 June 2014

A diversion that worked out!   Read more »

Day 8 - Owerri to Calabar

11 June 2014

Cowboys don’t cry in front of their horses!   Read more »

Day 9 - Calabar to Bamenda

12 June 2014

Two countries, some twists and turns and spill!   Read more »

Day 10 - Mamfé - Kribi

13 June 2014

A long day in Africa but the children make it worthwhile  Read more »

Day 10 - Mamfé-Kribi

13 June 2014

A long Day in Africa but the children make it worthwhile  Read more »

Day 9 - Mamfé - Kribi

13 June 2014

A long day in Africa but the children make it worthwhile  Read more »

Day 10 - Bamenda to Kribi

13 June 2014

A long day in Africa but the children make it worthwhile!   Read more »

Day 11 - Kribi to Oyem

14 June 2014

Practice makes perfect!   Read more »

Day 12 - Oyem to Lambarene

15 June 2014

There are good days and then there are absolutely amazing days – today was one of those!   Read more »

Day 13 - Lambarene to Mouila

16 June 2014

Half and a day and some rest ahead before the next set of challenges.   Read more »

Day 14 - Mouila to Dolisie

17 June 2014

What a hectic day!   Read more »

Day 15 - Dolisie to Brazzaville

18 June 2014

Another tough day in Africa!  Read more »

Day 16 - Brazzaville to Kinshasa

19 June 2014

Crossing the majestic Congo River   Read more »

Day 17 - Kinshasa

20 June 2014

A rest day in Kinshasa – sort of!   Read more »

Day 18 - Kinshasa to Zongo Falls

21 June 2014

On the road again and Zongo Falls!   Read more »

Day 19 - Selfi Safari to Lufu

22 June 2014

A team effort gets us across the river into Angola!   Read more »

Day 20 - Mbanza Congo to Rico's Lodge - south of Luanda (Angola)

23 June 2014

90 hours on a motorbike so far and still more to go!   Read more »

Day 21 - Rico's Lodge to Lubango (Angola)

24 June 2014

Most kilometres in a day for the trip and Paul’s bike stutters!   Read more »

Day 22 - Lubango to Etosha Pan (Namibia)

25 June 2014

Another border and almost home!   Read more »

Day 23 - Etoshe Pan to Fish River Canyon (Namibia)

26 June 2014

You never know how the day is going to end!   Read more »

Day 24 - Etoshe Pan to Windhoek

27 June 2014

God’s own country!   Read more »

Day 25 - Namibia to Die Anker in SA

28 June 2014

There’s no gain without pain!   Read more »

Day 26 - Die Anker to Capetown

29 June 2014

Return to the Cape of Good Hope after 5 years and 4 days!   Read more »
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