Day 45 - 46: Wadi Halfa - Aswan

14 July 2009

After spending two days of doing nothing in the morning and slackening off in the afternoon, the team was very happy when 1:30pm finally arrived, marking the start of the great journey into Egypt. The Sudanese customs and immigrations was fairly painless, this was due to Mazar and Waugie, our Egyptian contact who has come over to help us, spending the last few days getting all the paper work...  Read more »

Day 43: Wawa - Wadi Halfa

10 July 2009

Seeing that the team decided to drag their mattresses out into the open, the night was actually quite bearable and after an early morning breakfast the Boyz were on their bikes and off down the road, eager to get the rest of the sand road behind them. With little over 280 kilometers to go to Wadi Halfa, the team was in very high spirits and actually starting to enjoy the off-road riding. The...  Read more »

Day 42: Karima - Wawa

10 July 2009

After the drips ran dry, the towel dried up and Grant ran out of energy, the temperature came back with a vengeance, making it the hottest night most of us have seen in a while. With this in mind, wake up was not the prettiest of sites and after a breakfast that dragged on a little too long, we were on our bikes setting the air conditioning to 140km/h. Today we were blessed with no wind, and for...  Read more »

Day 41: Atbara - Karima

07 July 2009

Today Jhaya, our cook, treated us to an omelette breakfast and after eating our fill and getting our caffeine intake for the morning, it was on the bikes and out the gates of the hotel. Our route today took us into the heart of the Bayuda desert and back into the sandstorms, and after driving just a hundred kilometers through this torrent, it was off the bikes and into a roadside coffee house....  Read more »

Day 40: Khartoum - Atbara

06 July 2009

It was all systems go at 5:30 this morning and after settling the bill and welcoming Moyis, our Sudanese tour guide, and his team, we set off into the quiet streets of Khartoum. However shortly after leaving the Capital City, the winds began to pick up and within seconds the team found themselves battling through a massive sandstorm. By the time we stopped for coffee at a little road side stall,...  Read more »

Day 37: Gedaref - Khartoum

06 July 2009

After being sung to sleep by the crickets, the team was up and eager very early the next morning, all very keen to get into Khartoum, where a cool shower and clean sheets awaited. The drive to Khartoum was fairly long and very hot, and to make matters worse we ended up driving in a sandstorm. With the wind blowing across the highway the team worked their way along, with the bikes driving at a 15...  Read more »

Day 36: Gonder - Gedaref

02 July 2009

The team was up at 4:30 this morning and after packing the bikes, having breakfast and receiving our packed lunches, we pulled out of the hotel at 6:00, looking forward to putting as much distance between Ethiopia and ourselves. The first part of the road from Gonder was very pleasant and just as the team was getting settled into the drive, Ethiopia had to throw us one last test, a muddy mountain...  Read more »

Day 35 Simien Mountains - Gonder

02 July 2009

Thoroughly tired of the cold and the hotels service, the team packed the bikes and headed off down the mountain, towards ‘civilization’. On the way up the mountain the team faced rain and mud, on the way down we had to battle hordes of kids who found it quite amusing to hurl large rocks and sticks at us. Working like a tactical swat team, the boyz worked their way down the mountain pointing at...  Read more »

Paul's Moyale to Addis adventure

27 June 2009

I won the first prize of 3 nights in Moyale, a town on the border between Kenya and Ethiopia as I did not have an Ethiopian visa arranged before travel, while the other five did; consequently the immigration officer would not let me through and told me I needed to return to Nairobi. As a warning to other travellers; my passport went to the Ethiopian embassy in RSA with the other passports and the...  Read more »

Day 33: Bahir Dar - Simien Mountains

26 June 2009

Well rested the team was up at 5:30 bright eyed and bushy tailed and after a short breakfast and witnessing a spectacular sunrise over Lake Tana the team departed the Karufi Lodge, and headed along the east bank of Lake Tana to the town of Gonder. Being in the heart of the Ethiopian highlands, most of the drive was through amazing mountain passes which were home to some spectacular rock...  Read more »

Day 29 - 31: Addis Ababa

26 June 2009

Most of our time in Addis was spent at the Suzuki workshop repairing our bikes, and in just three days we changed all the tires, replaced 5 of the shocks, fixed Les’s pannier system and rebuilt the front section of Grant’s bike. Grant’s windscreen we had cut out of Perspex and bent using a oxyacetylene torch to fit the housing, the lens for the lights was cutout of a used front car light by a...  Read more »

Day 32: Addis Ababa - Bahir Dar

26 June 2009

Well rested and relieved to have the bikes running again, the team was up at 4:30 am and after making sure that everything was packed and fastened down, we said goodbye to the Sheraton and set off into the still waking town of Addis Ababa. Fortunately for us few people were up at this time of the morning and after about an hour of navigating Addis and its city limits we once again found ourselves...  Read more »

Day 26: Marsabit - Moyale

22 June 2009

Tired and not looking forward to today, we all pulled ourselves out of bed and went to go and properly diagnose our bikes. It was then a small breakfast and after saying goodbye to Jacque and the guys we set off for what we expected to be another day in hell. Unfortunately, not 100m down the road, Rob hit a rock buried in a pit of red, soft sand, pulling a ligament in his foot. Bravely he...  Read more »

Day 25: Isiolo - Marsabit

22 June 2009

Wake up was not too early this morning and after a good breakfast, we set off down the road, a little apprehensive of what lay ahead. The first 100 or so kilometers went past without too much stress, the first 60 km’s of which being tar and the rest good gravel road. Then things began to go south, the corrugations began to appear in their thousands each one larger and more vicious than the...  Read more »

Day 24: Nairobi - Isiolo

17 June 2009

Today was D-Day for the tyres to arrive! Everyone, having had a ‘restful’ night’s sleep in the tents, was up early and after breakfast we all set about packing up. We were all nipping at the bit and when 10 am came and went and the tyres were nowhere to be seen, the team saddled up and left Nairobi and with it the headache and stress of the last two days. Once out of the Nairobi traffic, we all...  Read more »

Day 20 - 23: Masai Mara & Nairobi

16 June 2009

We apologise for being so slack with the blogging for the last few days, we all decided to disappear to the Masai Mara and just unplug, seeing that our bikes were being serviced and we were waiting on our new set of tyres. On Saturday the 14th of June the team set off very early to the Nairobi Airport to catch their flight into the Masai Mara and after a short 45 minute flight and a quick check...  Read more »

Day 19: Arusha - Nairobi

12 June 2009

The team really appreciated the 5 o’clock sleep in and after packing the bags we were all treated to a hearty breakfast from the New Arusha Hotel kitchen. It was then off into the spectacular Tanzanian country side. Just a few kilometres outside Arusha we were graced by a breath taking view, we all could not let an opportunity like this pass and soon the team were off their bikes, trying to...  Read more »

Day 18: Dar Es Salaam - Arusha

11 June 2009

After a fantastic Tai dinner the night before, the team was very excited to be back on the bikes and after a 4:30 breakfast we set of down the road, leaving our arranged police escort behind. Surviving minor carbon monoxide poisoning and Tanzanian taxi drivers, we finally left Dar Es Salaam an hour and a half after departing. Our first stop of the day was Chalinze and after a hasty fill up, we...  Read more »

Day 14: Morogoro - Dar Es Salaam

09 June 2009

We all decided to have an early start to the day, so that we could beat the traffic into Dar Es Salaam, some of the team members did have ulterior motives seeing that the girls were already in Dar Es Salaam waiting. The drive was fairly uneventful, seeing that we spent most of it in the dark. The traffic just outside the city, started to build up and after a little bit of aggressive driving and...  Read more »

Day 13: Mbeya - Morogoro

09 June 2009

Today it was very dark when we woke up, this was due to the time change we experienced crossing into Tanzania. Leaving at 5:30 am sharp as usual, we spent the first hour and a bit driving in total darkness, relying on our rather large fog lights to see where we were going. Eventually light started to creep in and with it came a massive bank of mist. The temperature dropped and the team feeling...  Read more »

Day 11: Senga Bay

09 June 2009

Today the team was treated to a rest day. Everybody tried to sleep in, but the habit of waking up at 4:30 am got the better of some of the team. After breakfast that was fit for a king, everyone went about busying themselves in some recreational activities. Rob’s chain had been wearing badly so he went off to go fathom that problem out. Mark, Les and Craig went off fishing in Lake Malawi; this...  Read more »

Day 12: Senga Bay - Mbeya

09 June 2009

Up again at 4:30 am, the team was faced with their first challenge for the day, trying to pay the bill. After giving up the night before, we had assumed that some sense would have come to the hotel staff during the night. However this did not happen and eventually after a lot of explaining and a few stern words we eventually got everything settled. Then it was off down the road for about 150km...  Read more »

Day 10: Tete - Senga Bay

05 June 2009

Eager to get out of Tete, we were all up and packed by 5:30 am and after a quick fill up, it was over the bridge and off to Zobue, where we would have our third border crossing into Malawi. The border crossing was slow and pretty uneventful and after getting stamped and checked for the millionth time, we were all very keen to get back on our bikes and get the air conditioning going again. The...  Read more »

Day 9: Inhassoro - Tete

04 June 2009

Today has been looming in our minds, for the past few days and has been dubbed ‘Day from Hell’. It proved to be exactly that! We were all up at 4:00 am, that is except Grant and Craig who managed to sleep through their alarms. However, after being kicked out of bed half an hour later, we still managed to leave at 5:00 am sharp. Our first leg of the drive was to the city of Save, where we planned...  Read more »

Day 8: Inhambane - Inhassoro

01 June 2009

Everyone was very pleased with the 6 am wake up and we finally made our way after a good, hearty breakfast. The sandy strip out from Casa Barry proved yet again a little challenging for Grant, who once again decided to play in the sand pit. It was a short ride to Maxixe, on surprisingly well maintained tarred roads. After refuelling it was then onto Dere and then finally just past Vilanculos to...  Read more »

Day 7: Maputo - Inhambane

01 June 2009

It was yet another early wake up for the Boyz on Bikes and after picking at our packed breakfasts from the Palano Hotel, we were off into the cold, quiet streets of Maputo. We spent the first part of the morning driving through bank after bank of cold mist, become awfully friendly with our hand warmers and after a magnificent sunrise we were settled in for a long drive. In Xai Xai we stopped to...  Read more »

Satellite Phone Number

31 May 2009

For all those who are interested, our satellite phone number is: +870 776 116 0769  Read more »

Day 6: Maputo

30 May 2009

Today was a well deserved rest day; however most of it was spent wait for the ‘lightning speed’ service of the hotel. Grant managed to fix his bike with the help from Les, having to bleed and replace the coolant. Paul and Craig spent the time fixing various intercom snags and oiling the chains. Just before lunch Mark and Grant went for a drive towards our first stopping point tomorrow to test if...  Read more »

Our Start at the Cape of Good Hope

24 May 2009

After a fairly stressfull start to the day, the team set of to the Cape of Good Hope, to have some lunch and officially start the Cape to Cairo 2009 Expedition!!!   Read more »

Bikers' Bar Room

25 May 2009

Greetings fellow Adventurer's, Family and Groupies, it is almost time for us to hop on the bikes and head off!! So far we are still running on lots of enthusiasm and a ton of equipment. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you have some encouraging advice for us!  Read more »
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