T-Minus Two Days and Counting

24 May 2009

What has been happening on the days leading up to D-Day?   Read more »

Day 1: Cape Town - Port Alfred

25 May 2009

Nobody managed a good night’s sleep prior to our early departure from Cape Town and everybody was dealing with a whole host of emotions from excitement to downright scared! It was still a shock to the system as the alarm went off at 0430. We pulled on our biking gear and headed down to the lobby of the Cullinan Hotel where the management had prepared breakfast of toasted sandwiches and strong...  Read more »

Day 2: Port Alfred

26 May 2009

After the epic first day journey it was a day off in Port Alfred, for most of us it was a lie in and a late breakfast, however Mark was up early and on his way to Johannesburg for a meeting, returning in the evening. For the rest of the team the day was spent making slight modifications to the bike, repositioning the GPS, rewiring the radio’s and cleaning the multiple insects who had deciding,...  Read more »

Day 3: Port Alfred to Umhlanga

28 May 2009

An 0530 start, heading northeast on the N2, the route took us through East London and our first fuel stop at Kei Bridge, this was the former border post to the independent state of Transkei, now part of South Africa. The road took us inland and over the foothills of the Drakensburg Mountains lying to the north of us. This was a day for concentration and keeping your wits about you, as was the...  Read more »

Day 5: Umhlanga to Maputo

30 May 2009

Today was another 5:30 start, still dark outside we pulled off from Glitterbay, where we spent the night and headed off to the closest petrol station to fill up. Once everyone was gassed and ready, we set off down the N2. The first few hours of the ride were quite cold, most of us had put in our inner linings for a bike jackets, however some were not so wise and definitely regretted this ill...  Read more »
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