Wema Centre - Kenya

31 May 2016

Rescues, protects and reintegrates children at 3 homes in Mombasa and Thika for over 150 street girls and boys.   Read more »

Elimu Foundation - Kenya

31 May 2016

Foundation involved in renovating and uplifting slum schools in Mombasa.   Read more »

Aga Khan Academy - Kenya

31 May 2016

This Academy provides one of the best education curriculum courses in Kenya and doubles the number of students from the poorest backgrounds.   Read more »

Blessed Hope Primary School - Kenya

01 June 2016

Blessed Hope owns and manages a primary school in the Kibera slum of Nairobi. The school has an amazing and dedicated staff, and is determined to raise as much money as possible to provide a learning environment in which the students have a chance to succeed in the classroom, and in turn, possibly have a chance to escape Kibera slum. Blessed Hope are aiming to purchase land in Kibera and build...  Read more »

One Heart Kenya - Kenya

02 June 2016

One Heart empowers the lives of orphaned and abandoned children living in Kenya by providing bed, board education and skills training, a family home and most importantly, love. In turn we are seeing whole communities transformed.   Read more »

Family Care Uganda - Uganda

04 June 2016

Family Care has several projects dealing with poverty alleviation in the north of the country and has recently established a school for war orphans.   Read more »

Fondation Banio Debho Daniel (FBDD) - Aru, DRC

05 June 2016

Empowering the Aru youth, marginalised as a result of violent behaviour that threatens social peace.   Read more »


05 June 2016

Micro finance project aimed at assisting marginalised women from Aru with an aim to teach them in income generating activities, grant small loans and use repaid loans to fund future groups of women.   Read more »

Watsa Orphanage - Doko, DRC

05 June 2016

This orphanage is operated and run by nuns providing shelter for abandoned/displaced children. They take care of their basic needs and assist with schooling and education.   Read more »

Association des infirmiers motivés de Watsa - Doko, DRC

05 June 2016

Pre-natal consultation to reduce early child deaths and birth related deaths for pregnant women in Watsa.   Read more »

Association Féminine pour la Défense des Droits de la Femme et de l’Enfant - ADEFEN - Doko, DRC

05 June 2016

ADEFEN runs an orphanage in Durba which started in 2010. They currently have 50 orphans. They provide accommodation, food, schooling supplies and funds.   Read more »

Association pour la Promotion Rurale (APRU) - Dungu, DRC

06 June 2016

APRU is active in the Dungu-Faradje area and is involved in many social projects. They assist and support the youth released by LRA by providing them with psychological assistance and assisting their return to school and providing them with a technical skill they can use to earn a living.   Read more »

CRAD - Dungu, DRC

06 June 2016

CRAD Centre provides education, food and health care for some 680 orphans and 100 women who are victims of sexual assault during the civil war located in Dungu in the Orientale Province. The Centre run by a catholic nun (Soeur Angelique Namaika).   Read more »

Institut St Therese - Isiro, DRC

07 June 2016

School in the Isiro district educating 532 pupils.  Read more »

Vivre et Soigner en Milieu Rural (ONG VSMR) - Isiro, DRC

07 June 2016

Organisation housing orphans in the Isiro district. They are hoping to build a new orphanage in the area with facilities and amenities to house the orphans/displaced children in their care.   Read more »

Dynamique Culturelle pour le Developpement du Bassin de l'Uele - Isiro, DRC

07 June 2016

Non goverment organisation supporting the livelihood of abandoned women and children in the Isiro district.  Read more »

Foundation Dr Lola Kisanga - Isiro, DRC

07 June 2016

Organisation providing schooling for homeless, war-displaced children (currently 80 girls in the Isiro district).   Read more »

Word of Life Christian School - Coffee Bay, South Africa

09 June 2016

The greatest need that the Volunteer SA mission group has, is to fence off 5 hectare of land which has been donated to them by the community for the development of a children’s home (orphanage), accommodation for pastors and mission teams, and to have a community centre. They will be assisting to fence a rather large area for the community so as to allow them to secure the vegetation which...  Read more »

ONG Mapon Développement - Kindu, DRC

12 June 2016

This NGO supports hundreds of children from disadvantaged and poor families. The project aims to improve access to education for deprived children and families, mainly orphans and war affected children. They are currently caring for more than 900 children, supporting them from primary education to tertiary institutions since 2004.   Read more »

CREEIJ - Cadre de Recuperation et d'Encadrement pour l'Eponouisement Integral des Jeunes - Kasongo, DRC

13 June 2016

NGO has a national presence mainy in the Kivu, Maniema and Kinshasa areas targeting the reintroductionn of youth, formerly involved in ASM activities into alternative careers. Focusing on training young women by teaching them life skills and alternative income generating skills. Initiative implemented in Walikale and now at Kasongo.   Read more »

ITC Kongolo and Institut EPA Mwamini - LUMSUL - Kongolo, DRC

13 June 2016

ITC Kongolo and Institut EPA Mwamini; 2 main schools in the Kongolo centre supporting children in the area.  Read more »

Orphanage Mamam Thabitha, DRC

20 June 2016

An amazing story of a family converting their home into a refuge for neglected and abandoned children, caring for 80 children from 4 months to 16 years. Their current facilities are stretched to the max - The Nos Vies en Partage Foundation will be supporting the construction of a dormitory and other facilities. All praise to Jean Paul and Maman Catherine and their helpers.   Read more »

Maison Kwetu - Kwetu, DRC

20 June 2016

This orphanage can best described as a self-help programme, founded and supported by Father Damien, an American missionary who has been doing this for 35 years - collecting street children and working with them to get them back into society - the Maison Kwetu (Swahili for Home) looks after 45 children and includes mentally and physically handicapped children. The concept is that they live and...  Read more »

Bambaie Lève-toi et Marche - Luiza, DRC

27 June 2016

The Bambaie Lève-toi et Marche is located in Luiza in the Central Kasai Province and has been operating since 2012 to assist vulnerable women and children with basic education.   Read more »

FAR (Femme d’Action pour le Reveil) - Kamina, DRC

21 June 2016

FAR is located in Kamina in the Katanga Province to assist victims of sexual violence and rape during the civil war, providing basic primary education and vocational training with an emphasis on sewing, knitting and hair dressing.   Read more »

ADIMIR (Action pour le développement intégrale en Milieu Rural - Mwene Ditu, DRC

22 June 2016

ADIMIR has been operating since 1995. Started by Priest Mtanda Bulembat who, with a group of friends, started helping people displaced by Katanga tribal conflicts. Since then has broadened his net to save children displaced, expelled or orphaned by the many conflicts in this region of the DRC. They currently cares for 60 children who have no parents or family or connection with their families.  Read more »

Centre des Orphelins Maman Kapi - Tshilomba, DRC

22 June 2016

This orphanage was started by Josephine Kapinga in 2004 which curently has 62 orphans in its care which they support till the end of high school as well as giving them life skills. The institution also offers access to basic health and education to the wider community. The NVEP Foundation is assisting with adding accomodation to enhance the living conditions of the children.  Read more »

Vivre et Travailler Autrement (VTA) - Kinshasa, DRC

27 June 2016

The VTA Centre was established in 1997, dedicated to helping and reintegrating some 40 women and their children victims of sexual violence and reintegrating them into their communities and society. They provide shelter, counseling, food, health care and basic education to their children as well as sewing and knitting training to their mothers.   Read more »

Maternity Clinic of Dianra (Centre de Sante Communautaire de Dianra) - Mankono, Côte d’Ivoire

07 July 2016

Maternity Clinic, situated in Dianra In the exploration zone of Mankono, Côte d’Ivoire. A small maternity clinic with the current capacity of 2 beds for an average of 90 deliveries per month. The NVEP Foundation is assiting to renovate and extend the building and to upgrade clinic facilties and equipment  Read more »

ONG Wo Pile Sanga Orphange - Korhogo, Côte d’Ivoire

08 July 2016

NGO Orphanage for abandoned children, orphaned children that are victims of the war, children affected by aids and handicapped children.   Read more »

Association des personnes Handicapées de Dakar Plateau (BASE) - Dakar, Senegal

09 July 2016

The association consists of volunteers who assist disabled and handicapped individuals by teaching and training computer literacy and social skills.   Read more »

Gie Kobaclub - Kedougou, Senegal

09 July 2016

Organisation assisting and teaching local population, either individually or groups including the Government to supply sufficient quantity and quality of enriched flour to allow households to feed their children and teaching households on good practices of nutrition and hygiene. Comprises 25 woman headquartered in Dande Mayo   Read more »
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